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  • Maple Bourbon Brine with Mediterranean Spice Blend

    Spice up your table this year with this boozy, sweet brine. Featuring maple syrup, bourbon and The Killer Cook's Mediterranean Spice Blend. This brine the will make your turkey shine.
  • Lower East Side Deli Corned Beef

    Making delicious NYC style corned beef is easy, but requires some patients. This recipe has been in The Killer Cook's family since the early 1900's and now we are passing it on to yours.
  • Scarlet Beegonias Stuffed Cabbage

    Whether you refer to them as golabki, holubky, holishkes or cabbage rolls this rich and hearty comfort food has been satisfying hungry people for over 2000 years.
  • Duck Fat & Everything Rub Potatoes

    There is nothing quite like the taste of potatoes cooked in duck fat. It's a mystical pairing like pastrami and mustard, or Hall and Oats.

    Much like the famed musical duo this recipe will sure to hit all the right notes as a starchy side for your next family gathering.
  • Punk Pumpkin Crème Brûlée by Angel Hernandez

    Our customer and pro-baker Angel Hernandez transforms a familiar french dessert into a new fall classic, by using The Killer Cook's Punk Pumpkin Spice rub! This will surely be the talk of your Thanksgiving this year when you wow your guests with this flavorful punk punch. Follow Angel on Instagram @Bustedcanofbiscuits
  • The Killer Cook's Chow Khan Kimchi

    When The Killer Cook was a young man he loved all things spicy and pickled. Could you imagine the happiness he had the day he discovered kimchi?
    This recipe, although involved is easy and creates a unique funky kimchi that's like no other!
  • Barba Roja Bacon Jam

    Barba Roja Bacon Jam is a simple and delicious way to spice up any meal, or party! Our fiery Barba Roja dry rub adds just the right amount of heat to tame this sweet bacon beast.
  • Mediterranean Chorizo and Escarole Soup

    This recipe was created with fond memories of a childhood friend's mother's version of the dish. Here we have our take on a Portuguese classic, it is hearty and warm thanks to the chorizo that also gives it, it's rosy hue.
  • Mediterranean Herb Butter

    This quick and easy compound butter makes a great addition to any meal. Cut into pats and melt on top of steak or seafood for a quick pan sauce.
  • Punk Glazed Carrots by Steve Gardelle

    Nothing says fall like this modern take on a classic side. The addition of our Punk Pumpkin Rub takes the familiar root vegetable side and elevates it to the next level. It will sure to be a hit at your next dinner, or holiday party! Recipe by Steve Gardelle

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