About - The Killer Cook BBQ and Spice Shop

Hand Crafted BBQ Sauces made with nostalgic sodas!

The Killer Cook BBQ Sauce Company started based on a recipe that was created by our Chef & Co-owner back when Bill Clinton was still in the White House and NYC was considered gritty. That recipe was a Memphis style BBQ sauce containing a certain soda with a PhD. as it's main ingredient. 

Fast-forward 20 years and our Chef is manning the grill at a friends birthday party when a young vegetarian walked over and asked "What smells so good?" (It was our Everything Rubbed Pulled Pork with Dr. Soda BBQ Sauce) That former vegetarian soon became our chef's partner and they founded The Killer Cook BBQ Sauce and Dry Rub Company on the bases of bringing global flavors to the american palette. 

The Killer Cook will bring the unexpected out of the familiar in food, creating exciting flavor combinations resulting in food so delicious it's deadly.